What is the minimum age to enter the Barrow Party Bars?

To enter any of the nightclubs you must be 18 or over. It’s imperative you bring your ID with you. No ID, no entry.

What ID is accepted at the Barrow Party Bars?

The only forms of ID accepted are in date and valid Passports and Driving Licenses.

Is there a dress code?

We operate a smart casual dress code: jeans and trainers are permitted including fancy dress. Caps, Tracksuits, Hooded Tops, Sports Shirts and Work clothing are not permitted.

What time do you open?

Thursday 23:30 > Late.
Friday 23:00 > 02:00.
Saturday 22:30 > 02:00.
Friday 00:00 > 04:00.
Saturday 00:00 > 04:00.

Can I eat in any of the Barrow Party Bars?

No, food is not permitted within any of the nightclubs.

Can I smoke in any of the Barrow Party Bars?

No, smoking is only permitted outside of the nightclubs.

Is there a cash machine in any of the Barrow Party Bars?

No, the nearest ATM is on Dalton Road.

I am a promoter, do you accept events proposals?

Yes. Please email your events proposal, including as much information as possible (i.e. type of event, music policy, artists, previous event photos) to info@barrowpartybars.com

I left something in the cloakroom, how can I claim it back?

Please email info@barrowpartybars.com or message us on Facebook.
Please note that we only guarantee to keep lost property for 1 week.
We will not hand out lost property during nightclub opening times.

I think I’ve lost something in one of the nightclubs, how can I check?

Please email info@barrowpartybars.com or message us on Facebook.
Please note that we only guarantee to keep lost property for 1 week.
We will not hand out lost property during nightclub opening times.

What is the drug policy in the Barrow Party Bars?

Barrow Party Bars operate a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police. Furthermore, anyone found to be asking for, or offering drugs will also be banned and will be reported to the police.

What is the search policy in the Barrow Party Bars?

Part of the condition of entry is that you agree to a search on arrival and leaving the venue. It’s part of our license conditions; if you refuse a search, you will be refused entry to any of the Barrow Party Bars and if you refuse the exit search we have the right to detain you and the police will be called.

How do I apply for a job at Barrow Party Bars?

We are always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic staff to fill the following positions:
Bar staff
Glass collectors
If you think you have what it takes please email info@barrowpartybars.com or message us on Facebook and remember to keep an eye on our website for updates.

Am I allowed to take pictures in the club?

We do not allow any unauthorized professional filming or photography during club nights. Phone recordings and photography is permitted. We encourage you to share this with us on our Facebook page! For full details regarding professional filming and photography, please email info@barrowpartybars.com

Can I submit a demo or mix CD?

Please email info@barrowpartybars.com with a 60 minute long demo mix along with some biographical information about yourself, music genres you play and an estimated nightly wage. Due to the volume of demos we receive, we cannot reply to everyone, however we do listen to every submission. We will contact you directly if we are interested in booking you, so please include an up to date contact number and email address.

Are the Barrow Party Bars wheelchair friendly?

Due to the layout of our clubs only Hollywood Nightclub is easily wheelchair accessible. Entry to the other nightclubs will not be denied to wheelchair users, however, you chose to enter at your own risk.

Someone is making me feel uncomfortable. Who should I speak to?

We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment to all our customers and staff. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, then please notify a member of staff, they are all trained to help you.

Are the Barrow Party Bars available for private hire?

Yes. All of the Barrow Party Bars are available for private hire. Please email info@barrowpartybars.com with all your requirements.

When might I be refused entry?

The club’s management reserves the right to refuse admission. We encourage people to drink responsibly; we reserve the right to refuse admission or service to customers who are, or appear to be, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

I’ve sent Barrow Party Bars a message, when can I expect a reply?

We do our best to reply to customers within 24 hours. Some instances, by their very nature, require more attention and therefore may take longer.